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Wedge Anchor BA PRO

Due to its high performance as well as its easy and quick installation, the wedge anchor BA PRO with European Technical Assessment can be used for a wide variety of applications. The long thread length and two approved anchoring depths allow the BA PRO wedge anchor greater flexibility of use. The option for reduced anchoring depth saves time during drilling and reduces the installation effort. Using a suction drill also eliminates the need for blowing out the drilled hole. The wedge anchors BA PRO M8 – M20 are also approved for use under seismic loading C1 and C2 up to an anchor length of 210 mm (only standard anchoring depth). By using the new VS2) filling washer, the permissible seismic loads can be increased even further. The sherardized wedge anchor BA PRO sh version with a zinc thickness of more than 40 μm offers increased corrosion protection compared to zinc electroplating. For timber construction, the BA PRO-UH-plus version is available packaged with the washer DIN EN ISO 7094 (DIN 440). The stainless steel versions (A4) ensure a higher corosion resistance and are better suitable for applications under more aggressive climate conditions.
Medium to heavy duty anchoring in cracked and non-cracked concrete: Steel beams, base plates, channels, tracks, wood structures, stadium seatings, facades.

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