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Vinylester Styrene-Free

Particulary for heavy duty fastening using threaded studs and reincforcing bars in concrete. Aloso for use in damp and water filled drill holes. The VK mortar is a 2-component reaction resin mortar based on a vinylester resin styrene-free and will be delivered in a 2-c cartridge (ST – standard cartridge; SF-foil tube cartridge) system. This high performance product may be used in combination with a hand-, battery- or pneumatic tool and a static mixer. It was designed especially for the anchoring of threaded rods, reinforcing bars or internal threaded rod sleeves into concrete (also porous and light) as well as masonry. Based on the excellent standing behaviour the usability in combination with a special plastic sleeve in hollow material is given. The VK mortar product is characterised, by a huge range of applications with an installation temperature from -10°C and an application temperature up to 80°C as well as by high chemical resistance for applications in extreme ambiences e.g. in swimming pools (chlorine) or in closeness to the sea (salt).
cracked and non-cracked concrete, light-concrete, porous-concrete, solid masonry, hollow brick, natural stone (Attention! natural stone, can discolour; shall be checked in advance);
threaded rods (zinc plated or hot dip, stainless steel and high corrosion resistance steel), reinforcing bars, internal threaded rods, profiled rod, steel section with undercuts (e.g. perforated section)
-10°C up to +40°C installation temperature cartridge temperature min. +5°C; optimal +20°C
-40°C to +120°C base material temperature after full curing
Suitable for the fixation of facades, roofs, wood constructions, metal constructions; metal profils, columns, beams, consoles, railings, sanitary devices, cable trays, piping, post-installed rebar connection (reconstruction or reinforcement), etc.

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