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C-RE 385

it is characterized, by a huge range of applications with an installation temperature from +5°C and a service temperature up to 72°C as well as by high chemical resistance for applications in extreme ambiences e.g. in swimming pools (chlorine) or closeness to the sea (salt).
cracked concrete, non-cracked concrete, light-concrete, porous-concrete, solid masonry, natural stone; hammer drilled and diamond drilled holes
Threaded rods (zinc plated or hot dip, stainless steel and high corrosion resistance steel), reinforcing bars, internal threaded rods, profiled rod, steel section with undercuts (e.g. perforated section)
+5°C up to +40°C temperature of the base material cartridge temperature min. +5°C; optimal +20°C
-40°C to +72°C base material temperature after full curing
static; quasi-static and seismic loading

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